Best Practices for an E-commerce Fashion Business

From Asos to Zora, ecommerce fashion brands are taking over the world’s closets. If you are in or are looking to get into the ecommerce fashion game, there are some factors you should consider to ensure as many people as possible are wearing your threads. 

Website Quality 

E-commerce shopping is just a fact of life these days, and all generations are getting in on the fun. The fashion industry is no exception. Online clothing shoppers are more tech savvy than ever. If a shopper does not feel comfortable on your site, they will not stay long. As a fashion company, your literal job is to make people look better. So, if your website does not “look good,” how can your customers trust you with their clothing styles? Though it may sound simple or superficial, having a website with a nice design is imperative for an ecommerce fashion business. 

Another important factor along with design is navigation. Your website must be easy to navigate, or your customers will lose interest. A study found that 79% of potential customers will leave your site and search for another if they don’t like what they see. Too many drop downs or options can easily confuse or frustrate customers and drive them to someone else’s simpler site. To simplify the navigation process, be sure to correctly separate your products with categories such as dresses, shoes, accessories, etc. Keep it simple, and have subcategories if necessary.

Having enough payment channels is another important aspect of a well-designed website. Different people have different needs and preferences when it comes to payment. A lot of these preferences can be predicted by generation. Determine the general demographic you’re selling to, whether it’s Gen Z, moms, sportsmen, etc. Then, make sure to do research on the preferences that are commonly associated with that group. For example, if you’re a company selling fly-fishing gear, the average age of your customers will probably be different than that of a company specializing in skinny jeans. These generational differences affect payment preferences. Some may want to pay directly with their credit or debit card whereas others may feel safer using a middleman such as PayPal. Giving your customers some variety and options will make them feel more comfortable and develop trust in you and your business. 

Another thing to be aware of is how your website is displayed. There is an increasing desire to shop via mobile apps. Millennials and Gen Z especially prefer this. There are now more mobile shoppers than online desktop shoppers. So, as you develop your e-commerce clothing business, make sure your website is mobile-friendly, and even consider developing an app to reach more people. 

Product Display 

The way your products appear on your site is extremely important. Consumers are much more likely to buy your product if they like what they see. If a picture is dark, grainy, or in any way unclear, they won’t like what they see… mostly because they will hardly be able to see it at all. So, make sure the photos you take are clear, high quality, and well-lit. 

Also, do not forget to show your clothes in use. This is another factor that will convince your consumers to buy from you. Take pictures with models wearing the clothes. This allows your buyers to get a good idea of how the clothes will look on themselves. 

Customer Service 

Customer service is possibly the most important part of having a successful e-commerce clothing brand. Your customers need to know you’re there for them. Make sure your customers can contact you through as many channels as possible. Similar to payment options, communication preferences tend to be generational and differ by demographic. For example, millennials and baby boomers prefer email while Gen Zers prefer social media. Establish points of contact through popular social media sites, email, phone numbers, and maybe even an online chatroom via your website. All of this will allow customers to get the help they need the way they feel most comfortable with, causing them to feel they are cared for. 

A common struggle across the e-com world is making your online brand “feel” like a brick-and mortar store. It is especially a struggle in the e-commerce fashion world because of the very nature of the product. Clothes are a very personal and specific item. It wasn’t too long ago that someone would have to go to an actual store buy clothes. This allowed them to also try them on before making a purchase, ensuring they were getting the right fit and style the first time. The online shopping experience is not always so simple. This is why it is important to develop features that compensate that loss in simplicity. The better you do to implement this standard, the more inclined a consumer will be to buy your product.

Azazie, an online bridal shop, came up with a clever way of giving customers a traditional shopping experience. The store allows customers to try on up to three dresses for just $10. No need to buy them all—just select the ones you want to try, and Azazie will ship them right to you. Keep what you like, and send back the rest. You only pay for what you keep. Solutions like this help enhance your customer experience and help you better compete with in-store shopping.

Another corner brick-and-mortar has on the fashion market is instant gratification. When you buy an item “in-store,” you have it immediately. You can touch it, feel it, wear it right then and there if you want. Obviously, that’s not quite possible with e-commerce. So, it’s important that you have the best shipping solutions possible. 

Companies such as The Mail Group specialize in giving you the fastest, most affordable shipping options possible. Using our Smart Parcel 24/7 shipping solutions network, we will create a system tailor-made to you and your e-commerce fulfillment needs. We don’t just use one vendor—we use a whole network of carriers to ensure you have the best rates at every leg of the journey. Having such fast and reliable shipping ensures that your buyers have the clothes they love at a time they love—giving them as close to a brick-and-mortar experience as possible.


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