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Personalized Consultation

At no extra cost, our customer service team is dedicated to helping you with whatever you need regarding logistics, warehousing, fulfillment, etc. From helping you design custom packaging for a subscription box to finding you the best shipping rate, our team is ready and able to provide personal consultations.

Personal Customer Service Manager

Once you are onboarded with Smart Parcel 24/7, you are assigned a customer service manager whom you can call directly—no third-party contact is necessary. Your customer service manager will answer any questions via email or phone within 24 hours. This includes:

    • Parcel instructions (setups, changes, managed inventory)
    • Catalog instructions (setups, changes, managed inventory)
    • Processing, inventory, piece count, and keycode reports)
    • Manage your printed material orders (printed boxes, coupons, magnets, etc.)

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