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If your parcels include a few or many components, we offer careful and efficient kitting services. Our professionally-trained staff will ensure that your packages are carefully fulfilled to your exact specifications.

Subscription Box Fulfillment

Do you own a subscription box business?

We take special care to assemble your orders exactly how you want them, including specialty packaging, product arrangement, and extra branding (such as stickers or seals on the box’s exterior). We are also able to apply address data (according to your specifications) directly to your warehouse-stored mail pieces for scheduled processing.

Pick and Pack

SP247’s D2C Pick and Pack services are designed to build businesses of all sizes grow their volumes without worrying about warehousing, shelving, or product arrangement. To speed up the fulfillment process, all of your order components are stored near one another, so when your order is picked, our staff can assemble the parcel quickly and efficiently. The faster your orders are picked and packed, the faster they will be shipped, and the happier your customers will be. 

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