Shipping Vs. Delivery: Is There a Difference?

In this day and age of mass online shopping, the words “shipping” and “delivery” are thrown around often. In certain contexts, it might sound like they are synonymous. However, there is a big difference between the terms, and it is important to note. 

The shipping and delivery dates of your customers’ packages could be very different, and if you do not make this clear to your customers, they may become dissatisfied with your service. Here are the key differences between shipping and delivery. 

How Big Is the Product?

Depending on the object that is being processed, either shipping or delivery may be the correct term, and it all comes down to size. For instance, if a customer orders smaller products that can easily be packaged and sent via a postal service, those products will be shipped to them. The key thing to note here is that shipping implies the use of a courier service. 

On the other hand, if the object is especially large, such as furniture or a major appliance, or if it requires installation in your customer’s home, the item will be delivered. Delivery implies the need for installation or a delivery person (rather than a courier service).

When Is the Product Sent/Received?

The other main difference between shipment and delivery has to do with timing. Shipping refers to when an item begins its journey from the warehouse and is sent to your customers. It is the date on which the item is dispatched. It is critical that your customers understand that the shipping date is when the product is sent on its way and not the day they will receive the item. 

Delivery refers to when the product is actually placed in the customer’s mailbox or on their doorstep. The delivery date is when the customer can expect to receive their order. 

It is important that customers understand what these dates mean, so they know exactly what to expect from your services. If they are confused about which is which or do not understand exactly what the terms mean, they may expect their orders sooner than you are actually able to accomplish. 

Be sure they know that shipment will still require some time before they receive the order. Obviously, the amount of time will depend on numerous factors. 

Your customers should also understand that the delivery date is an estimation. There are many outside factors, including weather and natural disasters that may prevent an item from being delivered on its estimated delivery date. If you are upfront about this with your customers, they will be less likely to become discontent if a package is delivered later than they expected. 

Shipping and Delivery Solutions

The difference between shipping and delivery is an important factor in ensuring customer satisfaction. Another important factor is lessening the time between your shipping and delivery dates. Customers want fast shipping. If you can ensure that, you are bound to have happy, loyal customers. 

However, in order to ensure fast shipping, you need a good shipping solution. Smart Parcel 24/7 can help. We work with hundreds of couriers across the world, so we can select and provide the fastest speeds at the best rate for you. 

Our warehouses situated around the United States are staffed with professional teams who will ensure your products are packaged safely and according to your specifications. From fulfillment to shipping to delivery, Smart Parcel 24/7 has it covered.