Why Custom Packaging Matters for Your E-Commerce Brand

Just fifteen years ago, receiving a package was a rarity. It was special, no matter what the box looked like. It meant a loved one or friend had sent you something, or you ordered something from that Land’s End catalogue on your coffee table. Now, however, we receive packages weekly, sometimes daily. You probably have a box on your porch right now, don’t you?

Online shopping has become a part of everyday life. And because so many packages pass consumers’ eyes, consumers are becoming more critical. It’s no longer just about the product but the packaging as well—the “unboxing experience” if you will.

In today’s saturated e-com market, it takes a lot of effort to stand out. One of the best ways to do this is to package your products in a way that reflects the quality of your brand. This will help prove to your customers that you care about serving them.

Brick-and-mortar stores have the advantage of offering good customer service by training employees, setting up optimal store layout, and offering in-store perks like dressing rooms. For e-commerce brands, it is much harder to impress with customer service. However, it is just as important—if not more so—for e-commerce. One way to serve your customers  and make an impact is to give them a positive unboxing experience. If you want to step up your custom packaging game and really impress your customers, here are five points you should keep in mind.

Use Quality Packaging Materials

Don’t settle for cheap or flimsy packaging. If you want your packaging to reflect the quality of your brand, it is best if you use good quality packaging materials. Obviously, choose what you can afford, but get as high of a quality as you can.

Also, where possible, try to steer on the side of eco-friendly materials. This will reflect well on your brand, showing that you care about more than just profit. Your customers will notice. The majority of online shoppers are millennials and Gen-Z. These generations tend to be more environmentally-conscious anyway and will be more likely to buy from eco-friendly brands.

Choose the Right Size Package

You can choose good quality custom packaging and still save money if you are diligent about choosing boxes that actually fit your product. Goods are often shipped in boxes that are much too big, wasting both materials and your money. There is no point in choosing environmentally-friendly packaging if you are still wasteful in the way you package. This could reflect poorly on your brand.

At the same time, make sure your box is large enough to hold plenty of padding for breakable items. Packages which are too small can cause products to be damaged—obviously bad for business.

Have a “Goldilocks” mindset when choosing a box, and aim for “just right.” Smart Parcel 24/7 will be happy to aid you when finding the perfect fit for your products.

Represent Your Brand

When looking at different packaging options, remember to showcase your brand. Make your logo visible to anyone who sees your box. Whether you use a simple sticker or decide to print your logo onto the box itself, make your boxes eye catching and recognizable before they are even opened.

If you have already created a color palette that represents your brand, use it when choosing packing supplies. Like Tiffany Blue or Home Depot orange, if implemented well, the colors you choose will eventually be instantly recognized and forever associated with your brand. Using color can be a great marketing technique, so feel free to use your packaging as your canvas, as long as you stay on-brand.

Your Product Is the Main Character

Your custom product packaging will serve you best if it is a masterpiece inside and out. The inside of your box should display your product in a way that reflects your brand’s quality. Many subscription boxes are catching on to the need for beautiful packaging inside their boxes. Some use colored paper or tinsel; others print patterns or phrases on the inside of the box itself. Apple has been mastering quality packaging for years by creating sleek, custom-fitting boxes to house their products.

No matter how you choose to display your product inside the box, just remember: the product is the center of attention. Your packaging should lend to it, not distract from it.

Select the Right Fulfillment Method

Choosing a fulfillment solution that packages your product perfectly to your specifications can be a challenge. Smart Parcel 24/7 can do just that, all the while saving you money on shipping. We will listen to your specifications and needs when it comes to custom packaging, and together, we will work out a plan. Let us do all the heavy lifting—literally! We are happy to house your products, fulfill your packages, and ship them to your happy customers when the orders come rolling in.

Using our hybrid shipping network, we will find the best shipping solution for you. Smart Parcel 24/7 will line up the perfect carrier for every leg of the journey, so you get the best price and the most reliable deliveries. From fulfillment to delivery, Smart Parcel 24/7 has your back.