Why Effective Custom Packaging Designs Are Essential

Good product packaging no longer exclusively includes a box and a few hundred packing peanuts. Creating a quality custom packaging design is essential to your e-commerce business.

Imagine buying identical products from two different companies. The first is delivered in a standard brown cardboard box, unevenly wrapped in tape. After struggling to cut through the mess to open the box, you find your product haphazardly thrown in with some packing material.

Opening the second package is a thoroughly different experience. It arrives in a smooth, shiny box with the company logo printed on the front. There is no need for cutting and tearing, rather, the tape comes off evenly, and the hinged lid of the box opens effortlessly. Inside, your product is nestled amidst colorful crinkle paper and a note thanking you for your purchase.

As a customer, which experience would you prefer? And consequently, which would you order from again? This is why packaging is so important for e-commerce retailers—custom packaging sets you apart from the competition. 

Here are a few reasons why you should utilize quality custom packaging for your e-commerce business. 

What is it?

There are multiple reasons why custom packaging matters. Firstly, it creates a striking visual representation of your company’s standards. In addition, it serves to protect a product while in transit. It even helps promote your business and other products through advertising.

Custom packaging is packaging your products in a way that meets the specific needs of the product itself and your business. The number of ways to package your items is endless. This means understanding your products and their packaging needs is of utmost importance. 

Why Custom?

There are many reasons why choosing quality custom packaging is essential to your company’s marketing strategy. 

First Impressions

“You only have one chance to make a first impression,” as the saying goes. The first impression your customer gets of your product happens before they even open the box. Obviously, a well-designed, visually appealing box will create a better impression than a shabby, messily packaged box. Make sure your packaging reflects the standard you want your brand to reflect. 

Sticks in the Memory

Let’s face it, your customers are probably ordering a lot of stuff from a lot of different companies. You’re not special to them. Yet. Sure, brown paper packages tied up with string worked well for Julie Andrews, but times are different now, and a lot of brown packages pass your customer’s eyes. Whether it’s color, shape, function, or branding, make sure your packaging is unique if you want your customers to remember you. 

Protects the Product

A lot of custom packaging is designed specifically to protect a product while it is being shipped. Dimensions and weight of the products are taken into account to ensure it is not jostled or broken as it makes its way to your customer’s door. Custom packaging can either be designed to offer better protection for a variety of products or to house a specific item. 

Builds Customer Loyalty

People like good packaging. It’s that simple. Unboxing videos are popular for a reason. If you want to build a relationship with your customers, give them a good customer experience. A great way for e-commerce businesses to do that is by using custom product packaging. 

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