Why Your E-Commerce Business Needs a Return Process

Customer satisfaction is key when it comes to retail. From the shopping experience to the quality of the product, retail business owners know every detail makes a difference in whether a customer will return or not.

However, e-commerce stores face more challenges in this area than brick-and-mortar stores. One of the reasons for this is because customers to your online shop must purchase items before they have seen or held them. When customers buy from e-commerce stores, they are taking a chance on that store. So, the experience must be pleasant in every respect for them to return.

Quality returns management is a major factor in determining whether a customer will return to an e-commerce store. Here are a few reasons why having a quality return process is so important and a few ways to implement one.

Returns Aren’t Bad

When a customer sends a return to your store, you are getting the most value out of that item. You keep the product and therefore your initial investment (especially helpful in the case of valuable items), and the customer is still engaging with your store.

Returns are valuable because rather than forgetting about a product they will never use, your customers will likely replace it with a product they do like and will be more likely to shop at your store again . It helps to increase customer retention by keeping your products on your customer’s minds. 

However, too many returns can look bad on your brand, so you want to reign in returns where possible. The trick is coming up with a product returns management process that makes returns easy when necessary yet negates the need or desire for most returns in the first place.

Show the Value

Sometimes, customers order a product, and by the time they receive it, they no longer need it. This usually happens when the product is a part or accessory for another item which has been broken or lost since the order was placed.

While there is no real way for retailers to prevent this, product descriptions should demonstrate to consumers the value of the product. Consider including a video that explains the quality and proper use of the product. If the customer agrees that the value of the product was worth it, they will be more likely to give the product to a friend or find a use for it rather than return it.

Sometimes this also happens when customers order products as gifts. If the holiday or event passes, and the gift wasn’t given in time or used, the customer might want to return it. However, it is your job as the retailer to show them that they should keep it for themselves than return it.

Accurate Descriptions

Often, customers will return products because of improper sizing or fit. This can and should be prevented by ensuring accurate descriptions on your website. If possible, offer sizing charts and guides, so you customers know exactly what type or size product to purchase.

Accurate descriptions are also important in case your customer has never used the particular product before. If they find unclear instructions or even no instructions at all, they might return a product that is in perfectly good condition. Make sure your descriptions describe exactly what your product is, what it is used for, and any products that might need to be used along with it.

Product photography is also an important aspect to proper product descriptions. Make sure they are high quality, clear photos with proper lighting. Both the color and size of the product should appear accurate.

Assume your customers don’t like surprises; everything should arrive just as they expect it to.

Quality Product Returns Management Retains Customers

If your descriptions are great, and your customer still wants to return something (it happens), the best thing you can do to please them is make that return not only possible but easy.

Most e-commerce shoppers won’t even buy a product unless they see there is an easy-to-understand return policy in place. This makes your customer feel that their comfort is important to you, and that you’re not out to just get their money. This creates brand loyalty, so they will be more likely to shop with you again.

How Smart Parcel 24/7 Can Help with Your Return Process

Having a third party logistics company help with your returns management process takes the headache out of returns. It allows you to focus on your e-commerce store without unnecessary stress. Many times, customers receive incorrect orders because of lazy picking and packing procedures. However, Smart Parcel 24/7 uses state-of-the-art machinery and highly qualified employees to make sure that your orders are accurate.

Smart Parcel 24/7 has access to a vast network of the top vendors and carriers across the world. We will help you come up with the ideal strategy for your return process and set it in motion. Whether it’s delivery or reverse logistics, we will come up with the best shipping solutions for you at every leg of your product’s journey.