Ideal Shopping Experience for eCommerce Customers

As we approach the holiday season, online shopping will be ramping up. More and more shoppers are looking beyond Amazon or Target to find interesting and unique gifts. Which is good news for small-business owners.

The holiday season is your time to shine!

This time of year is your chance to impress gift hunters. To do this, it is imperative that you give your customers the best shopping experience possible.

Optimize Your Site

The speed of your website makes a huge impact on your customers. It can be the determining factor on whether a customer makes a purchase from your eCommerce shop or not.

Today, most shoppers use their cell phones or mobile devices to shop online. Your website must take this into account. It must be able to support all devices that people might use.

The design of your website should be able to convert from a desktop view to a mobile orientation while maintaining the same professional quality. Your images and listings should also load in no longer than four seconds.

This is also the time to gear up your SEO. Make sure your keyword strategy has holiday shopping in mind. Make sure to include the highest searched words on your pages. This will help you rank higher in search results and thus receive a larger audience.

Smooth Checkout Process

If you want to get in on those holiday sales, you need to ensure that you have an efficient and safe checkout process.

Your customers are not just buying your products. They are trusting you with their private information. They guaranteed that their information is safe.

Many shoppers get all the way to the checkout process and then back out.


Because they do not feel that their information is secure.

Install verification software into the process. This, as well as an icon or symbol, reassures your customers that their safety is your top priority.

Avoid delays in the process to help it run as smoothly as possible. If the process drags for even one second, your customer might become dissatisfied and abandon their cart.

Keep shipping costs low. High shipping costs can quickly cause promising customers back out. Be clear and concise. Make sure your customers are reassured about your free or low shipping costs and that their items will arrive on time.

If you implement all these steps, you are sure to have a smooth checkout process and a better experience for your shoppers.

Personalize the Shopping Experience

Regardless of what channel (email, social media, website, etc.) your customers are using to browse your products, you should personalize their experience.

Studies have shown that if your website’s content seems unrelated to your customer’s interests, they become dissatisfied. However, if you gear the content on your site towards user preferences, you will increase purchases.

One key to personalizing the content on your site is by ensuring the sales and advertising are cohesive. Take into account the demographics of the user as well as their search and purchase history. This will help you to make recommendations on social media, ads, and pop-ups that each of your customers is actually interested in.

Step Up Product Listings

The listings on your product should be accurate. Your customers should know exactly what to expect after reading your product’s description.

Accurate and specific descriptions of your products will result in higher customer trust. The more they trust you, the more willing they will be to make a purchase.

Include high-quality photos. Take videos of your products. Show it in action. Have a place for customers to upload their photos. The more you show, the quicker your customers can make a decision to purchase.

Optimize Product Fulfillment

Optimizing your site and reassuring your customers of the quality of your products and service is essential to your eCommerce business. Now you want to back that up with high-quality fulfillment and shipping.

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